5 Best Drill Bit for Porcelain Tile

One of the most rigid tiles that are commercially available is porcelain tiles. And because of the aesthetics looks and the higher level of durability, they are pretty popular at the moment. Well, chances are, you are planning to decorate your rooms with the same tiles as well.

But how will you drill holes in them to mount stuff? Well, as they have a higher level of rigidity, without the best drill bit for porcelain tile, you are not going to have that much luck.

Those will offer clean, adequately sized, and perfect holes on porcelain, and you would not have to put that much effort either.

 Porcelain Tile drill bits

Have a look at the ones that we believe offers the best overall performance:

What Is the Best Drill Bit for Porcelain Tile?

Porcelain tile and ceramic tiles look a lot similar, don’t they? But even though it is possible to drill ceramic tiles with regular carbide bits, they will not be ideal for porcelain tiles. These tiles demand diamond-tipped bits because those hold the structural integrity and capability to make clean holes, which porcelain tiles call for.

Exploring the best options that the market has to offer can make the choosing process easier for you. And we have managed to find exactly those through extensive research and intensive testing.

Our Top Picks: 5 Best Drill Bit for Porcelain Tile

1. Baban Diamond Tipped Drill Bits For Porcelain Tile

Baban Diamond Tipped Drill Bits For Porcelain Tile

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Smoothness and sharpness are two of the things that we want in the holes. And these bits that are being offered by Baban can deliver precisely those. It has more to offer as well.

Let us first talk about the most highlighting feature of the bits: high-quality diamond coating. This coating makes these capable of offering smooth and sharp cuts on the porcelain and ceramic tiles. It can offer the sharpness for being exceptionally precise. And the smoothness comes from it being able to cut holes with no broken edges.

But is it the best diamond drill bit for porcelain tile? Well, the other things that it offers make it so. It features a construction of high-quality steel. Because of how high in quality the steel is, it would provide a long-term service without showing any signs of damages that easily.

Additionally, the complete circle design will enable you to make larger-sized holes without having to drill multiple times. And the set contains a set of 10 bits. Each of them has a different diameter. The largest one is 32 mm, and the smallest one that the set includes is 6 mm.

Other than that, it is compatible with pretty thick tiles as well. You can make holes on the slabs that are up to ½ inches in thickness. And not all of the slabs are thicker than that. In other words, you would not have to worry about the compatibility that much with these. Lastly, thanks to the higher level of accuracy, these are capable of offering clean cuts.


• Comes in a set of 10
• Highly precise
• Offers smooth cuts
• Has a higher level of sharpness
• Made of durable steel


• Wears reasonably fast without any coolants
• Some of the bits have an off-angle on the stem

2. DEWALT DW5572 Diamond Tip Tile Drill Bit

DEWALT Diamond Tip Tile Drill Bit

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One of the most reliable brands that offer power tools is Dewalt. And they are now in the market offering high-quality and highly reliable 1/4 diamond drill bit for porcelain tile as well. Want to know more about this? Continue reading!

Like most of the other bits, this one has diamond welded tips. That makes it achieve a higher lifespan. This unit is highly resistant to wear, and it would be able to offer a long service life. In fact, you will not find the need to get a new bit for a prolonged amount of time if you use this one properly.

Other than being highly durable, the brand has implemented a reverse spiral design on the thread. That design will ensure that the water is fed continuously to the bit throughout the entire operational process. As a result, the lifespan will get enhanced even more.

On that note, the overall construction is of hardened alloy steel. This material makes it highly rigid and prepares it to take on the densest materials, such as porcelain. It also has core ejection slots. Those will come in handy when you require to make repeated cuts. It will lower the time required for those cuts significantly.

In addition to that, the reverse spiral design enhances the overall speed. Drilling large-sized holes will not take you that long of a time with this. And as it is capable of drilling through a depth of ¼ inches, it would be pretty easy to work with the thicker tiles. The spiral design will make it easier to install this on the drills too.


• Has diamond welded tips
• Exceptionally durable
• Can cut up to ¼ inches deep
• Constructed of hardened alloy steel
• Features core ejection slots


• Diamond coating is not that long-lasting
• Requires a good amount of coolant to prevent overheating

3. Imperial Global Drill Bits for Porcelain

Imperial Global Drill Bits for Porcelain

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Are you looking for drill bits that are highly efficient in terms of control the overall heat during operation? Well, we have found the thing that you were looking for all this time. And yes, it is from Imperial Global Ltd.

First of all, it comes in a pack of four. In the pack, you will find four 6mm bits, which are highly capable. They are all constructed of heavy-duty material, which makes them hold the ability to offer a higher level of performance. And the diamond coating on the tip makes these long-lasting too.

Apart from that, the tips have a unique design. Thanks to that, these would be able to offer clean cuts. The holes you will get using these will not have any broken edges, nor will they have any splintering effect. In other words, the holes will be perfect, and the tiles are not going to lose their overall looks.

The level of accuracy that these can offer is exceptionally high as well. Because of that level of precision, getting accurately sized holes on the tiles will become an easy task for you! And considering the fact that it can offer clean cuts, the holes are going to have less amount of breakage as well.

Other than that, these integrate Wax Core. This unique design will eliminate the requirement of using too much water or coolant. The built-in cores can automatically dissipate and absorb the heat efficiently and keep the bits cool throughout the entire process. These cores are going to enhance the lifespan even further.


• Ships with four 6mm bits
• Long-lasting
• Highly accurate
• Utilizes built-in wax cores
• Provides clean cuts


• Some of the packages might ship with missing bits
• Comes with only 6mm bits

4. Drilax Diamond Bit Set

Drilax Diamond Bit Set

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What if we told you that there is no need to spend that much amount of money to get highly reliable and high-performance bits? Do not believe us? Take a look at what Drillax has to offer then.

First of all, the set that will ship to you will contain 10 of the most commonly used drill bits. They will have a different range of diameters as well. Starting from 5/32inches to 1 inch, it will have them all. That means it would be possible to carry out different drilling tasks with the same set.

In addition to that, the bits have different shank sizes. The maximum level of the shank on this set is 3/8 inches. Nevertheless, these are compatible with most of the drill machines. Whether you are working with a corded or cordless machine, these should work flawlessly.

Using these will be a piece of cake for you! These do not have any center pilot, which makes the operational method easy peasy. And as all of the units are of hardened steel, you can expect to get extended use out of all. Also, there is a nickel coating on the tips. They are not going to wear out or get damaged that easily.

Apart from that, these are capable of offering clean and smooth holes. And they achieve that capability for being highly precise. The holes are going to have a minimum amount of breakage on the edges. Also, there will be no splintering too. Working on dense materials like porcelain should be easy with these.


• Bundles with ten different sized bits
• Each of the bits is highly durable
• Has a nickel coating on the tips
• Resistant to wearing
• Can offer extremely clean holes


• Small bits are not that precise
• Tends to overheat relatively easily

5. Neiko 00823A Hole Saw Drill Bits

Neiko 00823A Hole Saw Drill Bits

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Even though there are plenty of drill bits available in the market, there are not that many that has a sharper cutting edge. And this set that is from Neiko contains units that do have what we are talking about here.

As we have mentioned, the bits are reasonably sharper. In fact, the sharpness is comparatively higher than some of the average-quality units in the market. For that level of sharpness, you would be able to make holes quickly. Investing too much time in drilling projects will not be necessary.

Other than being sharp, the units have a higher level of durability as well. And these achieve that trait for two coatings. One of them is the traditional nickel plating, and the other one is diamond coating. The diamond coating makes them durable, while the nickel makes them highly resistant to corrosion.

On that note, it comes in a set of five. The package will contain bits that are of different diameters. And the smallest one is 5/32 inches, while the largest one is ½ inches. With these, it would be possible for you to carry out most of the cutting and drilling tasks without requiring any other sets.

Apart from that, these shine in terms of accuracy as well. Thanks to the unique tip design, the bits can offer a praiseworthy level of precision. So, getting a clean and smooth cut on the porcelain tiles will not require that much amount of time or effort. Renovation tasks should become an easy task for you!


• Has sharp edges
• Comparatively durable
• Contains two different coating
• Capable of resisting corrosion
• Reasonably precise


• Gets dull comparatively fast
• Diamond coating wears off pretty quickly

What to Look for Before You Buy?

Going through the reviews is not going to be enough if you want something that high in performance and worth the money. For that, a couple of factors should be in your consideration as well. Wondering what factors are we actually talking about? Well, those areas stated below


The first thing that should be in your consideration is the size. Usually, most of the brands are going to offer a set of many. Those will contain at least four different sizes of bits. There are some that will offer as many as ten differently-sized bits in the same package.

Nevertheless, some of the manufacturers are going to sell these in a specific size. For both cases, you should check whether the size that you are planning to work with is available or not. If you happen to get something small, you would need to make multiple cuts, which are not that high in accuracy. Check our latest article about how to determine drill bit size for wall anchor.


Other than the size, you need to also consider the compatible depth of the bits. In this case, check the thickness of the tiles that you plan to work with. For instance, if you are working with something that is ¼ inches thick, you would need to get the bits that can go through ½ inches.

Construction Material

One of the important factors for drill bits is the construction materials. Usually, these are going to be of steel. However, the quality of the steel will not be the same for each of the models. Some might utilize low-quality steel, while some will be of high-quality steel.

Our recommendation would be to get high-quality ones. Those would have a higher level of durability, which will eventually offer you extended use. They would also be capable of resisting wearing.


Most of these will have one common coating, which is the diamond coating. This diamond coating will ensure that the tips can resist wearing exceptionally well. Additionally, they will enhance the overall lifespan and the performance of the tips.
On the other hand, some of the brands will go one step further and coat their bits with nickel. That will make them resistant to corrosion, which will eventually increase the overall lifespan of the units.


Last but not least, the sharpness should be in your consideration too. If the tips are not that sharp, going through dense materials like porcelain will become tough. In addition to that, the sharper the tips, the cleaner the cuts are going to be. So, you should pick the sharp ones.

Looking for the best drill bits for drilling holes in ceramic pots? This guide will definitely help you to pick the best one.

How to Drill Porcelain Tiles?

Getting a good-quality drill bit is not the end of the story. If you do not know how to drill through porcelain tile without cracking, you would not be able to get the most out of the bits you have purchased. For that reason, we have huddled this short guide for you.

Step 1: Install the Bit Properly

First and foremost, you need to place the bit properly. Ensure that the head is tightened adequately and the bit is secure. If it is a bit lose, you will notice a significant drop in accuracy.

Step 2: Make a Water Pool

Take some plumbers putty and make a pool on the location you want to drill the hole. Get yourself a bit of water and fill the pool to the brim.

Step 3: Start Drilling

Now that the water pool is in place, you need to start drilling. Start with a slow speed. Make sure that the angle is correct, or else the hole will not be that precise. Once the bit pierces through the surface, increase the speed and drag the drill into the tile.

FAQs on Porcelain Tile Drill Bit

Do all drill bits have a diamond coating?

Not really. The diamond coating is applied to the tips to make them highly durable. This coating makes them capable of going through tough and dense materials. The units that are for soft materials will not usually have this coating.

Is a coolant absolutely necessary for drilling holes?

It depends on the bit. If it can dissipate the heat properly, a coolant will not be necessary. However, if it lacks that ability, you should not operate it without any coolant.

Can I use a hammer drill on tiles?

We would recommend against it. With the hammer drills, the chances of the tile cracking will be reasonably high. So, our recommendation would be to use the regular drills.

Is it possible to drill through a porcelain toilet?

Yes, with the bits that have a diamond core, you would be able to drill through a porcelain toilet.

Why does everyone recommend diamond bits for porcelain tiles?

The bits with diamond coating or core tend to have a higher level of sturdiness. Additionally, they usually hold the ability to make clean and accurate holes on the porcelain tiles.

Final Words

As you can see, getting the best drill bit for porcelain tile is not that much of a hard task. All you need to know is which models to consider and which things to keep in mind before buying.

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