Best Drill Bits for Drilling Out Locks

Losing keys for locks is quite a common thing. Though there are plenty of methods to bypass a lock, luck might not be on your side all the time. And when the luck is not in your favor, none of the bypassing processes will work. But, there is one last resort that is guaranteed to work! Yes, we are talking about drilling out the lock.

However, with the regular bits, you are not going to make much progress. Instead, what you need is the best drill bits for drilling out locks. Those should have the ability to plow through the locking mechanism and eventually unlock it. You should have access to the inside pretty easily with those.

Best Drill Bits for Drilling Out Locks

There are numerous amount of bits available in the market. But not all of them can drill out locks properly. To make sure that you do not end up with one of those, we have tested the top-rated models. And among them, these are the ones that stood out the most:

1. DEWALT Cobalt Drill Bit Set with Pilot Point

The offerings from Dewalt are the go-to option for many because of how reliable and high-performing they are. And the same thing is persistent for this set that we are going to have a look at.

One of the things that makes this one stand out the most is the overall construction. The bits feature high-quality cobalt construction. That material makes them achieve a higher durability level, which will eventually make them last for a long time without showing any issues.

Other than the construction material, these have PILOT POINT tips. This design makes them capable of offering clean cuts. The level of accuracy is also highly praiseworthy for these. For that reason, breaching the locking mechanisms will become an easy task.

The tips also ensure that the lock-up on breakthroughs is minimal. Also, these can operate at an exceptionally high speed. That means drilling out a master lock will take a small amount of time with these. And these can work exceptionally well on hard materials such as stainless steel.

In addition to that, the units have a patented brit-bar. This specific design will make it effortless to customize the placement on the drills. Also, it will be easy for you to take the bits out of the drill for that design. Basically, the operational procedure is easy.


• Made of high-quality cobalt
• Utilizes PILOT POINT tips
• Offers clean cuts
• Pretty accurate
• Has a patented brit-bar design


• Some of the smaller bits are pretty brittle
• Does not work that well on galvanized metal

2. IVY Classic Cobalt Steel Drill Bit Set

Being able to withstand high temperatures is quite important for the bits to drill out a tubular lock. Well, IVY Classic is offering units that have that ability. These have a lot of other things to offer as well.
First of all, there are five different set options. Depending on the amount of versatility you want, you can choose the set containing 5 pieces, 12 pieces, 13 pieces, 21 pieces, or 29 pieces of bits. Each of them will have a different diameter and will be of high-quality cobalt.

These have a solid overall construction as well. They have a specialized design that will make them capable of going through hard steel, stainless steel, and most soft metals. That means you would be capable of drilling out most of the locks using the same set.

Other than that, the gold coating on the surface will make these capable of withstanding abrasion. So, you can expect to get extended use out of these. Also, these hold the ability to withstand high temperatures. They will not overheat that easily.

The units also have a 135 degrees split point. That angle for the split point will ensure that the tips can penetrate quickly. So, you can drill out locks faster with these. Also, the level of accuracy that they offer is quite praiseworthy as well.


• Five set options available
• Can go through different types of metal
• Capable of resisting abrasions
• Able to withstand high temperatures
• Has a 135 degrees split point


• Includes a flimsy case
• Coating does not last long

3. Drill America Reduced Shank Cobalt Drill Bit

Even though most of the brands are offering a set of many bits in their offering, you might not need all of them to drill out a storage cylinder lock. Well, that is why Drill America is offering units individually.

As we have mentioned, the manufacturer is offering bits individually. There are 41 different options, and you would be able to get the one required for drilling out the lock you lost access to. Also, there will be no need to worry about storing a large number of units because of this.

Besides that, the units are made of high-quality cobalt. As a result, these can spin at an insanely fast speed. Also, they achieve a higher level of capability of that material. These can go through a lot of different types of metal quickly. Spending too much time on drilling out the lock will not be necessary.

Other than that, the upper surface has a gold oxide treatment. That coating will make the units capable of offering a higher level of performance. The coating also enables them to resist abrasion exceptionally well. You will be able to get extended use out of these.

Lastly, the 135 degrees split point of the tip will prevent walking. Also, the fluted spiral design will evacuate the chips efficiently.


• Available in 41 different sizes
• Can spin extremely fast
• Has a gold oxide treatment
• Utilizes a 135 degrees split point tip
• Efficiently evacuates the chips


• Coating rubs off pretty easily
• Dulls relatively quickly on hard metals

4. LudoPam Cobalt Drill Bit for Hardened Steel

Are you looking for something to drill out locks efficiently? Want a bit that can resist overheating? Well, what you were looking for is probably this one that is being offered by LudoPam.

Let us first talk about the overall construction of the units. These utilize 5 percent cobalt steel to obtain a high-speed characteristic. That means drilling out a lock on a file cabinet will take considerably less amount of time. Also, the material is high in quality, which makes the units exceptionally durable.

Apart from being highly durable, the material holds the ability to resist heat. In fact, the heat resistance ability is so efficient that it will hardly overheat, even if you are operating for a prolonged amount of time. It can also resist abrasions exceptionally well, which will further increase the lifespan.

The tip of these has a 135 degrees split point. This specific tip design does a proper job in terms of preventing walking. Also, it ejects the chips and drilled particles faster. So the chances of a blockage occurring when you are drilling out locks will be exceptionally low.

Lastly, as the material is HSS standard, it would be possible for you to use these on different types of metal. Starting from stainless steel to cast iron, these should be able to make holes in all of them.


• Constructed of sturdy cobalt
• Spins quickly
• Highly resistant to heat
• Can resist abrasions
• Features a 135 degrees split point


• Some of the sizes are too wide
• Bits are comparatively short

5. DRILLFORCE20-piece Cobalt Twist Drill Bits

Being highly efficient in the case of drilling metals is what makes these worth getting for breaching locks. And this set that is being offered by DRILLFORCE is a perfect example of units such as that.

To start with, it bundles with 20 bits. And there are a plethora of size options available as well. Each of the units features a construction of HSS cobalt, which makes them rotate at a faster speed. Also, thanks to that material, these can offer a praiseworthy heavy-duty performance.

Other than that, the units work on a plethora of metals. Drilling out locks that are of stainless steel and other mild metals will be easy with these. They work exceptionally well on hardened steel as well. And for the high-speed nature, the drilling tasks will not require that much amount of time.

Like some of the other bits, these have a 118 degrees split point. That type of tip makes efficient contact with the surface, which means there is going to be less amount of walking. Also, the holes are going to be exceptionally precise because of such a design.
The gold coating on the exterior enables them to resist abrasion. In other words, these are going to last for a long period of time without showing any issues.


• Comes in a set of 20
• Made of HSS cobalt
• Rotates quickly
• Makes efficient contact with the surface
• Highly efficient on different metals


• Does not include a durable case
• Tip is comparatively less sharp

Buying Guide for The Best Drill Bits for Drilling Out Locks

A couple of things should be in your mind before you jump right into a purchase decision. By factoring those in, you would be able to efficiently scrutinize the units and make the right choice. So, without further ado, let us have a look at the things that you should consider before buying.

Construction Material

Almost all of the drill bits that are for drilling out locks are made of cobalt. However, the quality of the cobalt will vary a lot from one offering to another. Some will have higher quality cobalt, while some will utilize low-standard ones. Our recommendation would always be the ones that are of high-quality cobalt.

The reason behind that recommendation would be that the high-quality ones usually have a higher level of speed. And the faster the units will rotate, the smaller the amount of time you would have to spend to breach the locks. These bits are best for drilling out broken bolts, wheel studs, hard metal, stainless steel as well. Additionally, they are going to last long as well.

The Coating

Apart from the construction material, the coating on the surface has a great role in durability. Usually, most of them will have a gold coating. This coating does a proper job in resisting abrasion. As a result, the bits achieve a higher level of lifespan and can operate optimally for a long amount of time.

In addition to that, some of the coatings can make these withstand a higher level of heat. With those, you would be able to drill the locks for a prolonged amount of time without facing any performance fluctuations.

The Tip

Another thing that should be in your consideration is the tip. Make sure that it has a split design, or else there is going to be a lot of walking. It will also not be able to make proper contact with the surface, which will eventually result in inefficient drilling.

On that note, you should check the angle of the split. The higher the angle, the better. Usually, the tips with a higher angle of the split can prevent walking and eject chipping efficiently. So, the drilling should go smoothly.

How to drill a lock?

To drill out a lock, you would need a capable drill machine and a compatible drill bit. Turn the machine on by installing the bit on the head and drill through the middle. Once the levers get drilled out, the lock should be unlocked.

How to Drill a Lock – QUICK!

FAQs on Drill Bits for Drilling Out Locks

Are drill bits with gold coating worth it?

According to us, they are very much worth it. They make the bits capable of resisting abrasion and can keep the temperature down.

Can I drill out locks any bits?

Not really. Not all of the bits are capable of going through the hard metals that locks are made of.

Why are the tips of the bits have a split design?

To prevent walking and, most importantly, to eject the chips efficiently. Without that, there is going to be a lot of walking and the chips will not efficiently eject, which will cause a blockage.

What type of drill should I use to drill out locks?

You need to use the drill machines that have a hammering mode. Also, do check whether the drill is powerful or not.

Final Words

With the best drill bits for drilling out locks, drilling out the locks you lost access to will become an effortless task. And we can assure you that all of the units that we looked at are exactly that. So, pick any one of them with full confidence.

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