Best Drill Bit for Cabinet Hardware

Cabinets are like little containers in your kitchen that you use to store various tools and utensils. They are usually furnished into your kitchen countertop with screw mounts and screws.

However, screw mounts can prove to be a real chore when you want to install them. You need a drill with a drill bit that won’t break down in the process and aptly finish the job.
It can be tough to get a suitable drill bit, which is why we put together this list of reviews for the best drill bit for cabinet hardware on the market.

Best Drill Bit for Cabinet Hardware

You can choose any one of these options, and you can be sure to get a quality drill bit.

Out Top Picks

  • Werkzeug Self Centering Drill Bits for Cabinet
  • Eagles Hinge Drill Bits for Woodwork
  • Amoolo Hex Shank Hardware Installing Drill Bits
  • Eagles HSS Countersink Woodworking Drill Bits

4 Best Drill Bit for Cabinet Hardware Reviews

As we stated before, we reviewed some drill bits and came up with four of the best ones we could find. We guarantee that this will help you find one that best suits your needs.

1. Werkzeug Self Centering Drill Bits for Cabinet

Werkzeug Self Centering Drill Bits for Cabinet

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If you’ve worked with carpentry before, you will know that drill bits are one of the more essential parts of a drill. According to the bit you pick, you will drill different types of holes that differ in shape, depth, etc.

If you want an all-purpose drill bit without compromising on quality, you can check out the self-centering bits by Werkzeug. These drill bits can help you drill holes in a lot of things and not just furniture.

First, we should discuss the material of these bits. If you’ve never heard of “high-speed steel,” you’re not alone. It is a type of metal that tool manufacturers commonly use to make cutting tools. These tools include saws, blades, and drill bits.

The self-centering title of these bits comes from the efficient positioning when you use them on a drill. Every time the drill spins, the bit adjusts itself around the center, so that it doesn’t come off during operation.


• High-speed steel construction
• Comes in a pack of different sizes
• Self-adjusting system to prevent accidents
• 135-degree incline for faster drilling
• Can be used for many purposes


• Not suited for high-speed drilling
• May get jammed in metal works

2. Eagles Hinge Drill Bits for Woodwork

Eagles Hinge Drill Bits for Woodwork

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Working on cabinet hinges can be a grueling job due to the fact that you cannot hold them in place for too long. This reason is why you need a drill bit that won’t budge during operation.
So, if you want to keep your hinge in place while working, you should check out the hinge drill bits by Eagles. Once you use them, you will realize how helpful they are for installing hinges.

In terms of material, these bits come in Stainless steel. Meaning, you will not have to worry about the bits rusting or corroding due to water and air. You can safely use these bits in rough weather without worrying about any damage.

To make your job easier, a 135-degree incline is designed on the head of these bits. This inclined design helps you evenly drill holes in the hardware without any obstructions or deformations.
These drill bits are excellent for drilling screw mounts because they efficiently drill holes without any jamming.


• Stainless steel construction
• 135-degree inclined head for better drilling
• Perfect for installing hinges
• High tolerance to water and air damage
• Excellent for drilling screw mounts


• Springs can get stuck
• Generates a significant amount of residue

3. Amoolo Hex Shank Hardware Installing Drill Bits

Amoolo Hex Shank Hardware Installing Drill Bits

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While drilling, one thing to keep in mind is to ensure that the drill bit doesn’t damage in the middle of an operation. If the bit doesn’t have a good construction with solid materials, it can break down and cause some severe damage to the hardware.

To resolve this sort of issue, you should get bits that sturdy and unwavering. An excellent option would be the shank drill bits by amoolo. These bits are considered the best drill bit set for woodworking because they are best suited for wooden furniture.

The material of these bits is no joke, considering the manufacturers used industry-grade high-speed metal. But, it doesn’t just stop there because they also coated the bits with Titanium. This type of construction is best suited for hardwood.

As for other features, the bits have a 1/4 inch hex shank that makes it easier for the drill machine to rotate them at a very high speed. This shank makes them well-suited for high-speed drilling operations.


• Industry-grade high-speed steel construction
• Titanium coating for better protection
• 1/4 inch hex shank for high-speed drilling
• Spiral groove design
• Portable size for easy carry


• Accumulates a lot of heat
• Not suited for stainless steel

4. Eagles HSS Countersink Woodworking Drill Bits

Eagles HSS Countersink Woodworking Drill Bits

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Kitchen sinks and countertops are much more different than other cabinet hardware such as cupboards. They employ different installation methods and different sets of tools as well.
If you’re searching for the best drill bit for kitchen cabinets, you should absolutely try the countersink drill bits by Eagles. We previously reviewed the hinge version of these bits, but these ones do not fall behind in terms of quality and purpose.

As is customary with cutting tools, these bits have a high-speed steel construction, making them well suited for woodworks as well as metal works. You can use these bits to drill holes in the countertop and install screws efficiently.

What is unique about these bits is that they may all come in the same sizes, but you can individually adjust the size of these bits with a wrench.

Apply a wrenching force to the middle of the bit and rotate it, and you will see the height changing according to how much you turn the bit. This type of design can make your kitchen drilling work much more manageable.

See more countersink drill bits reviews and buying guide.


• Made with high-speed steel
• Well-suited for kitchen countertops
• Adjustable bit length
• Brass shell for increased durability
• Accurate positioning


• No inclined head design
• Can break during operation

Cabinet Hardware Installing Tips

What to Look for Before Buying Drill Bit for Cabinet Hardware?

Drill bits aren’t something people have on their grocery list, which is why it can be a daunting task to buy one. But, you don’t have to worry as we’ve put together a neat buying guide to assist you in the process.


One of the most significant aspects of a drill bit is the material it is built with. There are many materials bit manufacturers use to make drill bits, and they each differ from one another.
High-speed steel is a name that will pop up a lot in drill bits, and it is not without its merits. It’s a great metal that is used for all kinds of cutting tools and not just drill bits. However, you cannot use them for high-speed drilling operations as they may break.

Other materials include industry-grade metals such as carbon and titanium alloys. All of these have their own qualities, so you have to check what purpose you have in mind before you purchase one. Check out our best drill bits for porcelain tile list to see our favorites


Checking what you are working is an excellent way to know what size drill bit you need. People often buy the wrong size and end up drilling bigger or smaller holes than they had expected.
Getting the appropriate size is the best way to avoid any unnecessary accidents while drilling. Some bits also have adjustable size designs that incorporate rotating motion to change size.
This type of design makes these bits useful for a lot of surfaces. Make sure to check for designs like these before choosing a bit set.

Hex Shank

This aspect may be trivial to some veteran drill operators, but hex shanks are definitely helpful for newcomers who just started drilling. Hex shanks have six sides to them, which are held in place by a chuck.
With the help of hex shanks, you can achieve a much higher torque in a small drill bit, leading to faster and easier drilling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size drill bit for cabinet knobs?

While there are standard-sized drill bits for drills, cabinet knobs require a different size for the drill to make holes appropriately. Generally, this size is about 5/32 inches in diameter. So, you need 3/16 inch drill bits to drill the hole through. You might need a Cabinet Drawer Hardware Installation Template for accurate positioning.

What is the best type of drill bit for wood?

Steel drill bits work best on wood or wood-type materials. HSS or High-Speed steel drill bits are the ones you should get since they are both durable and well-suited for cutting into wood-based structures.

What drill bit to use for pilot holes?

Pilot hole drill bits are different from regular bits since they employ a special hole profile to produce a standard-sized pilot hole. In most cases, the size of the bit will be 1/8 inches or 3/32 inches for softwood.

Can you drill screws straight into wood?

If you don’t have any screw mounts, you can drill screws straight into wood without splitting the material in half. The operation is quick and efficient since you don’t need to waste money on mounts.

Which is better for kitchen Cabinet; knobs or handles?

When you’re working in a kitchen, it is better to have convenience at your disposal. Knobs are easier to hold in your hand and pull. Handles, on the other hand, require you to hold it in a specific angle for you to pull on.

Final Words

Drilling cabinet hardware is no easy job because a lot of the work is dependent on what drill bit you get.
Luckily, our detailed review and buying guide on four of the best drill bit for cabinet hardware will help you buy a bit best suited for your purposes.

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