5 Best Drill Bit for Drilling Out Broken Bolts

In a busy world like ours, no one has time for anything. At least, certainly not for dealing with broken bolts. It is a problem all too familiar with people who work in any construction work.

Today, you can find many drill bit designs for bolt extractors to deal with broken bolts. Be warned that they can put a massive dent in your wallet as they cost a lot.

drill bit for broken bolt

However, there are some affordable options too. We reviewed 5 of the best drill bit for drilling out broken bolts, so you don’t have to worry about broken bolts ruining your carpentry project.

Here is a quick view of our top picks:

5 Best Drill Bit for Drilling Out Broken Bolts : Reviewed

For your convenience, we put all of the five reviews together into a comprehensive list so that you can carefully judge them and pick one that corresponds to your needs best.

1. NEIKO Left Hand Drill Bits

NEIKO Left Hand Drill Bits

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When dealing with broken bolts, it is best not to use anything to damage the material itself. It would be best if you didn’t try to wedge it out with a scale or fork, but use a sturdy drill bit to drill it out.

So, if you want a set of drill bits that will not break easily, you should get the left-hand drill bits by NEIKO. They have a really unique construction to them that makes them ideal for taking broken bolts out.

The material NEIKO uses is called high-speed steel. It is a pretty standard type of material that tool manufacturers use to build all sorts of cutting tools. What is intriguing about this construction is that they coated the drill bits with Titanium Nitride.

Titanium Nitride is a type of ceramic material that is often used to coat various alloys such as steel and aluminum. It is incredibly rigid in nature, making it perfect for cutting tools. With a coating like this, you won’t have to worry about damaging your project.

You can use these drill bits in a reversible way as well. Due to their left-hand design, you can pair these bits up with a reversible drill and use them to remove broken fasteners and bolts effortlessly.


• High-speed steel construction
• Titanium Nitride coating
• Well suited for hard metalworks
• Left-hand design for reversible drills
• Comes in an assorted box


• No blunt edges
• Can snap off on some metals

2. NEIKO Cobalt HSS Drill Bits

NEIKO Cobalt HSS Drill Bits

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In the case of broken screws, it is much harder to take them out of the frame. They need a circular motion to be set in place correctly, which is why they require a drill bit that can put a firm grip on the screw head.

So, if you’re looking for a drill bit with a firm head grip, then the HSS drill bits by NEIKO are the ones for you. These bits have a unique design to their heads that make them aptly capable of grasping any screw head.

Firstly, these bits are made from Cobalt metal. Now, Cobalt heavily differs from other types of materials that manufacturers generally use for cutting tools. It is part of a group called “transition metals,” which have a few unique properties them.

Due to their shiny and silvery nature, they are immune to most of the damage they sustain. The spiral flute design helps these bits to drill out any broken bolts, drilling out locks, and any hard metal efficiently. This efficiency stems from the increased grip as the torque increases its intensity.

We mentioned the firm grip on the head before, and it does its job aptly. The spiral flute design matches these bits perfectly due to the fact that they sharpen the bits for increased precision. Precision-wise, these are the best drill bit for drilling out screws.


• Cobalt metal construction
• Partial immunity to drill damage
• Spiral flute design
• Firm grip on bolts
• Increased torque that strengthens the grip


• Inconvenient storage design
• Coating may wear off

3. Alden Grabit Broken Bolt Extractor Bits

51cazTj8AGL. AC

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It’s tough when you are trying to remove broken bolts, but it is significantly more difficult when dealing with small bolts. Smaller bolts present a much bigger problem because they are the ones who tend to break the most.

So, if you want something that can effortlessly remove small bits, the micro bits by Alden should be your top choice. These drill bits are small in size, making them perfect for drilling out smaller broken bolts. Extraction drills support all sizes of drill bits, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

These micro bits have an M2 HSS construction, which may sound like fancy industry terms, but it means that it has a grading of M2. Again, HSS or high-speed steel is a standard metal to make cutting tools with. The M2 grading guarantees that you’re getting the best quality material in your drill bits.

An interesting quirk of these drill bits is that they provide two purposes with the same bit. You can drill screws and bolts with these bits, but on the other hand, you can also use them to drill out any broken bolts. This dual operation system makes it much more convenient to work with drills.
Note that these are suited for smaller bolts, so you shouldn’t try to extract big bolts with these bits.


• High-speed steel construction with M2 grading
• Smaller sized design for smaller bolts
• Suitable for jagged surfaces and materials
• Dual-tempered coating for maximal durability
• Does both drilling and extracting


• Not suited for bigger bolts
• May generate residue

4. IRWIN Screw Extractor Drill Bits

51VI5ZgEiuS. AC SL1200

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When you’re trying to remove broken bolts, it is crucial that the extracting bit bites into the bolt with a firm grip. If the bit does not grab onto the bolt, the bit itself could get broken and get stuck inside the hole.

Luckily, there is a set of drill bits out there with a design dedicated to aggressively bite onto broken bolts, namely the drill bit set by IRWIN. These drill bits have the best grip out of any of the options we reviewed because of their design and increasing torque.

We already discussed the various defining characteristics of a Cobalt metal construction. In the case of these drill bits, Cobalt is a perfect choice of material because it is extraordinarily sturdy and sharp. This sharpness with the added spiral flute design provides the firmest grip on broken bolts.

The strong grip of these bits doesn’t just come from the material but the design too. Every time the drill completes a revolution, the bit increases its torque and, in turn, increases the gripping power. The bit gets more and more adept at taking the broken bolt out because of the increased edge.
Since the bits have a left-hand design to them, you can use them to drill out screws and rivets too.


• Constructed with Cobalt metal
• Aggressive left-hand design
• Superlative gripping strength
• Reverse spiral flutings for removing fasteners
• Suitable for rivets and screws


• Does not work on wooden furniture and utensils
• May break on high-speed operations

5. Bosch Steel Spiral Flute Bits

BOSCH Steel Spiral Flute Screw Extractor Set

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Standard-issue extraction bits are fine and all, but what happens when you’re dealing with broken bolts that are wedged in materials too dangerous to handle? For these types of materials, you need extraction bits that can resist all kinds of damage and are immune to heat.

So if you want the best drill bit for drilling out bolts that can withstand high heat, you should check out the flute bits by Bosch. They boast a design that can tolerate heat without causing expansion in the material of the bits.

The construction of these bits is different from other cutting tools. Professional metal wielders melted carbon steel into an extracting bit mold to make these bits as durable as they are. Because of this process, these bits attain otherworldy durability to them.

Durability is not the only selling point of these bits, as they also feature a left-hand spiral flute design. But, the threads of the material are rolled so that you can expect excellent accuracy and almost zero residue generation.
Heat resistance means you also get scratch resistance along with it. Meaning, you can extract a lot of broken bolts with just one bit. Zero scratches mean the spirals stay sharp for a better grip.


• Built with melted Carbon steel
• Left hand spiral flute design
• Heat resistant construction
• Rolled threads for superlative accuracy and precision
• Generates no leftover residue


• Not suited for smaller broken bolts
• Does not work well on high speed

How to Remove a Broken Bolt Using a Left Handed Drill Bit

What to Look for Before Buying Broken Bolt Extractor Bits

When shopping for drill bits, you will encounter many different options that differ from each other in various ways. To free any confusion that may occur, we put together a comprehensive guide on what you need to know before picking a drill bit.


In the cutting tool industry, companies use various metals and steel to make their products. These materials have varying purposes, and depending on what you want, you have to get a bit with a specific type of material.

• High-speed steel bits are well-suited for dealing with broken bolts in wood, polyvinyl, and PVC. They are cheap options that you can pick if you are on a low budget.

• Cobalt drill bits are adept at handling the heat. These bits can evaporate heat quickly, so they’re beneficial if you want to work with hot materials.

• HSS drill bits with a coating of black oxide increase their overall durability. This material is beneficial when you want to avoid corrosion.

• Titanium coating helps the bits produce lesser friction than standard drill bits. Sharpness-wise, these are the best bits you will get.

• Bits that are tipped in carbide can stay sharp longer than any material you will ever encounter. These bits are incredibly adept at removing bolts from tiles.


How manufacturers design drill bits is what essentially makes or breaks them. Without careful consideration, you may end up getting something that won’t fit your needs at all. So, you have to check the design before selecting one.

Most drill bits will do the job of removing broken bolts, but what separates them from regular drill bits is what design their spiral construction is. If the design does not provide a firm grip, then it won’t be able to bite into the damaged bolt.

An ideal drill bit design should not produce any leftover residue, as it could jam the hole as a whole. It should not apply much pressure on the broken bolt. If the damaged bolt breaks any further, the entire whole gets stuck with excess bolt metal.


If you want more durability in your drill bit, you should look for ones that have a special coating on their exterior. It could be titanium or carbide, but whatever coating it has, you can expect increased durability and scratch resistance out of them.
If the spiral flute’s design is altered, the grip will become blunt, and you won’t be able to use it anymore.

FAQs on Drill Bit for Broken Bolts

What is a left-hand drill?

A drill with a left-hand design is for removing or drilling out bolts, screws, and other rivet-type paraphernalia from materials. It basically rotates the drill in a counter-clockwise motion instead of a clockwise motion.

What is a spiral flute design?

On drill bits, the metal is wrapped around the head of the bit, making it easier for drilling. This sort of construction is best suited for extracting bolts because it can provide a firm grip on the bolt’s head.

Can you extract broken bolts without an extractor?

Unfortunately, you have no way of removing broken bolts by hand without damaging the material itself. An extraction tool helps you quickly drill them out without a dent in the material.

Can you use any driller to extract bolts?

Unless the driller you have in mind has a left-hand design, you can’t extract bolts with it. Removing bolts requires both the anti-clockwise motion and increasing torque to keep pulling it out.

What is titanium nitride?

Titanium nitride is a type of ceramic metal that manufacturers often use on titanium alloys and steel.

Final Words

Drilling out broken bolts can be a tough job, but not if you have the right drill bits. Luckily, our comprehensive list featuring reviews of five of the best drill bit for drilling out broken bolts has helped you make an educated selection.

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