What Are Brad Point Drill Bits Used For?

A brad point drill bit is a specially designed drill bit that makes clean holes in hard and softwoods without. A brad point drill bit is manufactured out of high-speed steel (HSS) or tungsten carbide.

The bit features a hollow center, resulting in a deeper hole as well as precise work. It’s designed with a center pin, thus providing a clean, straight and accurately sized wood. The drill bit has two flutes which prevent dust refuse from clogging the drill hole. It has a cylindrical shank system making it the best choice for either soft or hardwood.

Porter-Cable first introduced Brad-point drill bits in 1968, but these types of hole saws have been around since the late 18th century when Denys Sommerer initially invented them.

What Are Brad Point Drill Bits Used For

What are Brad Point Drill Bits Used For?

The brad point drill bit is used to make holes in wood. They are designed with a conical-shaped tip and a flat shank that creates a perfect hole. It’s perfect for use in delicate materials like laminate. Brad-point drill bits set are commonly used with solid wood, plywood and more so particleboards. However, it can be hard to penetrate through laminated wood. Here you find the best 5 brad point drill bits reviews and buying guide.

Why Are Brad Point Drill Bits Used?

A flat, narrow shank is necessary to form a clean hole. Ordinary twist drills produce lots of friction, causing excessive fraying and tearing around the hole’s perimeter. Also, a large and rounded screw head mainly found in ordinary twist drill bits can blow out or tear the wood away from the hole. A brad point drill is a perfect solution for this menace. It has a narrow shank that prevents tearing the surface. A brad point drill bit gives you a clean, straight and accurately sized hole in your wooden surface.

How to Use Brad Point Drill Bits

When using a brad point bit, it’s wise to start the hole with a regular twist drill and then switch to a brad point bit because it will pull all tear-out out of the hole and leave behind only clean sawdust. As with any drill bit, you should hold it at a very slight angle to the work surface. 

A brad-point bit has a narrow tip that drills into the wood only when held at a certain angle. A brad pit requires slight pressure; otherwise, it can tear up the hole from one side to another. The user can determine the proper angle by slowly rotating the hand holding the bit while pressing down on it. Within a few seconds, it will begin to make its way into the wood.

Also, make sure to match a good drill bit with the correct screw size. #8 or #10 screws are most commonly used in furniture. #4 and 1/4 inch diameter screws are also commonly used in small holes drillings. 

Selecting a Brad Point Drill Bit

There are several things to be considered, such as material and size, when buying a brad point drill bit. For example, if you use upholstery fabric, the best brad point drill option would be titanium. It provides strength and prevents heat build-up during the drilling process.

The Shank length rule of thumb is that it should be about 25mm to 40mm longer than your screw length so that it does not cut into the wood before it reaches its intended location. If this occurs, there may be damage to your workpiece as it will prevent free screw rotation or might strip out some of the material around the hole due to misalignment.

On the other hand, a short shank may leave some space between the drill bit tip and the surface of the workpiece, which is against industry standards.

Can Brad Point Drill Bits Be Used On Metal?

Brad-point drill bits are not ideal for drilling holes on metals, and such kind of a drill bit will be unable to penetrate through the metal without causing chipping or cracking. It is always better to use twist drills in case you want to create holes on metals.

Can Brad Point Drill Bits Be Used On Plastic?

Brad-point drill bits are designed for use in hard and softwood drilling. They can also handle plastic surfaces but are not strong enough to go through metal. Brad-point drills have lots of holes and are strong-built, which helps the drill bit to withstand medium or soft density materials like wood, hardwood plywood, among others, including plastics. It drills through plastic easily without cracking or losing shape. Other than that, they have a tapered end that allows the creation of fine thread holes.

What are the Best Brad Point Drill Bits?

When buying a brad bit, look for one with spiral flutes. These have a smooth drilling experience, and they also make sure that your woodwork projects are free of chipping or cracking. For intricate drilling in your woodworking applications, opt for high-quality brad point drill bits. The brad bits costs is very reasonable. They do an excellent job with clean edges, and they don’t allow wandering. 


Drilling holes for screwing furniture parts together is mandatory in furniture construction. A brad point drill bit is more preferred to conventional twist drills as it gives your woodwork a unique aesthetic value. Brad-point drill bits have a extreme durability and stay sharp longer than other conventional drill bits. To realize the best holes, however, use brad point drill bits specifically for hardwood and the other specifically for softwoods. 

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