5 Best Impact Driver Bits Reviews

Drilling is not an easy job, especially when it comes to working on steel and metal projects. Most people do not know how to use a drill, and it takes skill to operate one efficiently in the first place.

This is where Impact Drivers come in. They are fast and easy-to-use machines that use driver bits to apply sudden rotation force to the bolts. As such, the bits are a significantly important part of the machine.

Best Impact Driver drill Bits

We reviewed some options and picked five of the best impact driver bits out there, so you don’t have to look around for what driver bit to buy.

Here is quick view of our top picks:

  • DEWALT Impact Bit Set
  • Makita Impact XPS Bit Set
  • Neiko Torx Impact Bits
  • Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Bits
  • AmazonBasics Impact Bits

5 Best Impact Driver Bits Review

For your benefit, we put together all of the reviews in a comprehensive list so you can easily check each one out and make an educated selection.

1. DEWALT Impact Bit Set

DEWALT Impact Bit Set

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When using an impact driver bit, you must make sure you don’t accidentally damage the bolt with too much pressure. Applying too much force could completely jam the bolt in the hole, leading to exterior damage to the project you are working on.

If you want a driver bit that is safe to use, the bits by DEWALT are perfect for that job. They have a hex-type shank, so you don’t have to worry about accuracy issues. You can also easily exchange the bits with one another because of the simplistic design.

First, we should discuss the material. DEWALT used high-speed steel to manufacture these bits. It is a standard material to make cutting tools out of. Don’t get alarmed by the cheap production because these bits are very durable, and you can safely rely on them to do their job.

Apart from the construction, these bits have a lot of features. A magnetic lock system latches onto the driver and ensures that it won’t wobble during operation. There is also a clip latch that you can use to secure the bit in place.

You can expect a transfer of optimized torque because of the FlexTorq zone technology present in the bits. Because of technology like this, you don’t have to worry about the bolts not getting inside.


• High-speed steel construction
• Magnetic lock system to keep the bit in place
• Clip latch to secure closure
• FlexTorq technology for optimal torque transfer
• Hex-type shank for better accuracy


• No heat treatment
• May bend when used on some materials

2. Makita Impact XPS Bit Set

Makita Impact XPS Bit Set

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Efficiency is crucial when you are working with a drill machine, especially so if it is an impact driver. To make sure you are coherent with your work, one driver bit must be able to apply a significant number of bolts before it breaks down.

So, if you want a bit that you can use multiple times, you can check out the XPS ones by Makita. They make some of the best drill bits for impact driver on the market, which are known for their impressive durability and outstanding reusability.

The manufacturers designed these bits with Alloy steel, meaning it is a combination of multiple metals. Because of this process, you can expect no breakage during operation, lending to their exceptional durability. This reason is also why you can reuse these bits multiple times without breaking or bending easily.

According to them, you can expect these bits to last 90 times longer than regular impact bits. This claim is due to the fact that they have optimized the torsion zone, which actualizes a classic transfer of impact energy to kinetic energy.

These bits also have something called pulse torsion rings that assist in dissipating impact energy. It does this by letting the kinetic energy move through the torsion zone and off to the bit tip.


• Alloy steel combination of metals
• Incredible durability
• Can be reused multiple times
• Pulse torsion rings for better dispersion of energy
• Optimized torsion zone for transfer of energy


• Not suited for rivets
• No hex shank

3. Neiko Torx Impact Bits

Neiko Torx Impact Bits

Torque is an essential part of physics that dictates the amount of force that can cause rotation. Because of this, impact driver bits need to have good torque; otherwise, they won’t be able to apply the sudden force required to drive the bolts in.

Torque-wise, if you want the best Torx bits for impact driver, then you should get the impact bits by Neiko. You can expect incredible torque out of these bits because of how they are constructed. The torque is not the only impressive aspect of these bits, as there are more useful features.

In terms of durability, the company made these bits with Alloy steel that has an S2 grading. This material ensures incredible hardness that can lessen the number of wear-outs. You can expect these bits to last a long time because of the mirror chrome finish.

To make the torque as strong as it is, they employed steel sockets that consist of chrome and vanadium. These sockets provide incredible torque strength, which can help you achieve more significant rotational power.

If you want precision bits, you won’t be disappointed as these bits have pretty good accuracy to them. You can also use them to insert fasteners smoothly and protect them from damaged edges.


• Constructed with S2 grade Alloy steel
• Exceptional torque strength
• Chrome and Vanadium steel sockets
• Accurate positioning
• Can be used to insert fasteners


• Not suited for smalled sized bolts
• May break with heavy use

4. Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Bits

Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Bits

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Shock absorption isn’t something most people consider when they are working with an impact driver, but if the bit supports it, it can make your job much easier. Absorbing the impact can ease the tension and stress on the arm that stems from using the driver.

So, if you want a relaxed experience and don’t want to hurt your hand, you should get the Milwaukee impact driver bits. They design their bits to be as beginner-friendly as possible, and even seasoned veterans can use these bits to do their jobs.

In terms of materials, the manufacturers used proprietary steel to make these bits. To make them even more durable, they heat-treated them in a machine. What this does is essentially adds an extra layer of protection against scratch and tarnish damage.

We previously mentioned how these bits could absorb the impact of the force quickly. The secret of this ability lies in the geometrically aligned design that enables it.

The tips of these bits have furnace forging, meaning they can grab onto the bolts effortlessly. A firm grip is crucial when you are trying to apply sudden force to a small surface area. The process is almost instantaneous, so you can not waste any time trying to grip the bolt.


• Heat-treated proprietory steel construction
• Superlative gripping strength
• Scratch and Tarnish resistant
• Reliable durability ensuring multiple uses
• Absorbs sudden impact with geometrically aligned design


• Coating may wear off after a couple of uses
• Inconvenient storage option

5. AmazonBasics Impact Bits

AmazonBasics Impact Bits

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Most impact driver bits come in a set of multiple sizes, so they need a convenient storage option to store all of them. Compatibility is also a key factor because there are numerous impact drivers with different characteristics. This reason is why all-purpose bits exist.

So, if you don’t want to worry about compatibility and get the best impact driver bits in terms of storage, you should get the ones by AmazonBasics. You might think it is a manufacturer with products that are not that good, but their impact driver bits hit the nail pretty well.

At first glance, these bits might look cheap, but they have great value for the price they come in. As usual, high-speed steel is used in these bits to streamline production but increase longevity. With these bits, you won’t have to worry about running about driver bits anytime soon.

Apart from the construction, all of them come in a neat storage case. This plastic case has a latch that you can use to secure the bits in place. Meaning, you will not have to worry about your bits going missing from the set.
What is interesting about these bits is that you could use them with any drilling machine or impact driver that can tolerate high torque operations.


• Constructed with high-speed steel
• Can be reused multiple times without breaking down
• Comes in a convenient storage case with latch
• Compatible with any driller or impact driver
• Handles high amounts of torque effortlessly


• Cheap production
• No scratch resistance

What to Look for Before Buying Impact Driver Bits?

Before you head out and buy any driver bit set, you must consider a couple of factors as they could make or break the bits.


Bit manufacturers use many different types of metals, steel, and alloys to make cutting tools, which is true even for impact bits. Since these bits operate with incredible speed and force, you should check properly if the material can withstand that amount of external forces.

Most bits you will encounter will have an HSS or high-speed steel construction, which is the norm in the industry. It is cheap, easy to produce, and streamlines production throughout a factory. These are the most affordable bits you will ever use, so you have to keep the quality in mind.

Impact bits that use unique materials like Cobalt or Titanium are a tad bit more expensive than regular bits as the production process is more tedious and rigorous. One thing you can expect out of these bits is the excellent durability and lifetime that comes in the material. You might want to read our latest article on the best self-centering drill bit.


On some driver bits, you can find a special coating that is applied over the primary material of the bit. This coating provides numerous advantages like scratch resistance and heat resistance.

Scratch resistance works in your favor because when you are using a driver bit, you are applying a lot of force on a small surface area. As such, the bit might get scratched when used. What is worrying is that the scratches will eventually blunt the head of the bit.

If the bit’s head becomes blunt, you won’t be able to use it anymore. So, it is always better to check if the bit has any special coating.


An impact driver is a machine that employs many different sockets for different types of driver bits. As such, compatibility is crucial because what you get might not fit in your impact driver.
Most drivers will have a 1/4 inch socket that accommodates most bits. This design is due to the fact that most bits also have a 1/4 inch shank that makes it easier to exchange between bits.

Getting a hex-type shank will make it even easier to exchange between driver bits, as the only thing you need to do is slide the collar front and slide the bit in. This type of design is more valuable than regular shank bits because you can reuse a bit multiple times quickly.

FAQs on Impact Driver Bits

What is an impact driver?

An impact driver is essentially a drilling machine that applies sudden force to the surface area of a bolt or screw to drive it inside a frame. Here is a list of the top-rated impact drivers on Amazon.

Why is torque important for impact drivers?

In the process of drilling, torque is a measure of how much force is being applied to cause rotation. The more torque you can achieve, the more efficiently you can cause a rotational force to move something.

What is a key factor of driver bits?

Driver bits differ from each other in how they transfer energy from the bit to the chuck of the driver. If the transfer does not happen properly, either the bit gets broken, or the driver becomes damaged.

Can I use drilling bits on impact drivers?

Drivers are just drilling machines that employ a sudden force application instead of a rotational motion. You can use drilling bits, but only 1/4 inch sized ones since the socket is precisely that size.

Why is gripping strength important?

If the driver bit does not bite into the bolts properly, then it could break the bolt or the bit itself.

Final Words

Impact driver bits have more differentiating characteristics than regular drilling bits, meaning you need more consideration when buying them. Hopefully, our comprehensive review guide of five of the best impact driver bits will help you select one that best fits your needs.

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