5 Best Drill Bit for Concrete

Concrete is a mixture of cement paste, chemical aggregates, and brick rocks. It is an exceptionally tough material that makes it hard to drill through.

So you need a drill bit that can withstand the immense pressure of hardened concrete. The bit must have an incredibly sturdy build quality that can tear through concrete aggregates with relative ease. It should also have an extra layer of coating, so that the flute design of the bit does not get scraped off during operation.

Best Drill Bit for Concrete Reviews

For a quick answer of ” What type of drill bit is the best for drilling Concrete?”, we know that the Masonry drill bits tolerate the weight of concrete because of how they are designed. The sharper the bit is, the more cleanly you can drill, which is why masonry bits with carbide tips are the best at drilling concrete.

We reviewed some bits and came up with a list of five of the best drill bit for concrete that we could find on the market. Hopefully, the list will help you get drill bits that you can reliably use to drill holes through concrete.

Here are our top 5 picks:

5 Best Drill Bit for Concrete

To make things easier for you, we put together all of the five reviews into a comprehensive list so that you can read through them and pick one that assures excellent quality.

1. DEWALT Masonry Drill Bits

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The most significant factor to consider when drilling into concrete is durability. If the bit cannot withstand the sheer force that is acting against it, it will break in an instant and jam the hole itself. So, drill bits need to be produced from the best of the best materials to ensure utmost durability.

In terms of durability, one of the best concrete drill bit you can get is the masonry bits by DEWALT. Because of its carbide construction, you can expect the utmost durability out of these bits. When drilling into concrete, you need to apply optimal force as well; otherwise, you won’t be able to make a hole.

The construction consists of carbide dipping with a rock standard carbide tip. Carbide is a complex compound that manufacturers prefer for its high boiling temperature and durability. You’ll mostly find them being used in ski and trekking poles.

However, using them to make drill bits is perfect if you want to drill into incredibly tough materials like concrete. The four flute design of these bits clear the hole of any leftover residue and debris quickly. If you want to exchange bits rapidly, you can do that as well with the three flats on the Shank.


• Carbide compound construction
• Exceptional durability due to high boiling point
• Four flute design that reduces debris
• Carbide dipped tip for providing a firm grip
• Three flats on Shank for rapid bit changing


• No hex shank
• Not compatible with hammer drills

2. BOSCH SDS Drill Bits

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When you’re working on concrete, it is crucial that the drill bit handles heavy loads without breaking down midway. If the bit breaks during operation, you’ll end up with a jammed hole in your concrete block. Not only that, but you’ll end up spending more resources to deal with the damage.

So, if you want drill bits that can withstand immense pressure, you should check out the SDS bits by BOSCH. It is a company that makes some of the best masonry drill bit for concrete in the market. Handling high pressure is a staple when you’re working on concrete, and these bits will do their job without a hitch.

In terms of materials, you get the usual carbide option, which is ideal for working on concrete blocks. The bit’s tip is carefully crafted with handling high pressure in mind. You can use these bits on the highest settings of your drill, and they won’t even budge or bend during operation.

If you want to make anchor holes in your concrete project, these bits are the perfect option as they are optimally brazen. Machine hardening is a process where the tools get increased durability and stability in their design. With these bits, you will not need another set of bits for a long time.


• Constructed with Carbide compound
• Well-suited for handling high pressure
• Optimal brazing and hardening
• Ideal bits for making anchoring holes
• Unwavering gripping power


• Not suited for deep drilling operations
• Small-sized Shank that hurdles quick exchange

3. BOSCH Rotary Hammer Drill Bits

91jKgKfv 7S. AC SL1500

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Among all types of drill machines, hammer drills have been designed for drilling into hard materials without breakage. You can use this drill to break into literal boulders or large rocks essentially. So, using them on concrete blocks is not a new thing at all.

If you want the best drill bit for concrete floor that utilizes hammer drills, your top choice is the rotary bits by BOSCH. Hammer drills work with exceptionally tough materials, so the drills need to have tiptop sturdiness, lest it damages the block during operation.

We discussed the utility of Carbide before and how it is a perfect material for drill bits as they need to handle heavy loads without bending or breaking. You can safely rely on the durability of these bits to pull through in your concrete projects.

If you find it hard to use drill bits, you can rest assured as these bits make it as comfortable as possible on your hands. You can turn the settings all the way, and you can be sure to have a relaxing time when working on concrete floors or walls.

Apart from the comfort, you can expect these bits to work with a number of heavy-duty applications like bricks and blocks. The portable case is convenient for people who want to travel a lot.


• Made with Carbide compound
• Comfortable to use
• Compatible with most drill machines
• Well-suited for multiple applications
• Comes in a portable case


• Not suited for DSD drills
• Low melting point

4. Hanperal Shank Hole Drill Bit

61rZTl+KTiL. SL1000

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If you want to make big holes in a concrete wall or floor, you need drill bits with large shanks. These shank designs will help the drill achieve the necessary torque to push the bit in and make an appropriate hole. This is why it is also necessary that the bit has a sturdy tip that does not break while drilling.

So, if you’re looking to drill large holes, then the shank hole drill bits by Hanperal are the best ones you can get. These bits are perfect for people who want to work on cement walls because the tip is dipped in Carbide, making them well-suited for heavy-duty applications.

In terms of material, you get a Carbide metal construction, which is an alloy in nature. This mixture of materials means that you get outstanding durability while not compromising on superior precision and accuracy. Its perforated design makes it easier for the bit to remove debris and residue quickly.

Apart from the design, an interesting aspect about these bits is that you can use them to drill holes and install air conditioning units. Since those units desire shank holes, you can quickly drill into concrete and install unit mounts for the conditioner.

Because of the high-frequency welding, you can expect smooth holes without any bumps and crinkles.


• Carbide metal alloy construction
• Reliable durability
• Superior precision and accuracy
• Best for drilling large holes
• Well-suited for installing air conditioning units


• Guiding bit is off-center
• Slow operation

5. BOSCH Bulldog Hammer Bits

816WORAP LL. AC SL1500

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The best way to drill into concrete blocks is to use hammer drill bits. These are the ones that have the most durability, which enables you to drill through materials like concrete, brick, stone, etc. Without the durability of hammer bits, you won’t be able to get a clean hole while drilling.

So, if you want the best type of drill bit for drilling concrete, then you should try out the bulldog bits by BOSCH. We previously reviewed a few of their drill bits, but if you want their best, this is the option you should choose without hesitation.

As usual, the construction features carbide tips with a carbide metal body that ensures maximum durability. The manufacturers optimized brazing on the bits to ensure their spiral design does not bend or break during operation.

As a result, the best of both durability and precision is achieved in these bits. Apart from the build quality, you can expect them to run for multiple drilling sessions without breaking due to BOSCH’s hardening process. This reason is also why they are an ideal option for making anchor holes in concrete.

If you want speed, you’ll be relieved to learn that these bits are 15 percent quicker than most regular-issue drill bits because of the hardening process.


• Carbide metal construction with carbide tips
• Hardened build lending to the exceptional durability
• Optimized brazing for multiple uses
• 15 Percent faster than regular bits
• Proper for making anchor holes


• Lack of hex shank
• Not suited for impact drills

What to Look for Before Buying?

There are far too many options if you are willing to buy drill bits, some more feature-laden than others. To get rid of your decision dilemma, we put together a comprehensive guide detailing all the aspects you need to know about drill bits.


Drill bit manufacturers use many different types of materials to make bits with. These range from hard and rocky materials like Carbide and Ceramic to alloy mixtures like carbide metal or high-speed steel.

The most usual material you will encounter is Carbide. It is a complex compound that consists of Carbon and other meager electronegative components. The different mixtures of Carbon and separate chemical bonds are what differentiates Carbide from something like Ceramic.

If you want durability, you should check if the bits have Carbide because Carbide bits have the best heat resistance out of any material. This happens due to the high melting temperature of the material.

High-speed steel is another industry standard that streamlines production and makes for affordable cutting options. If you are strapped for budget, you should go for HSS bits as they won’t break your bank while boasting good durability.

Other materials include Titanium, Cobalt, Tungsten, etc. You can check them out, too, if you’re interested in specific heavy-duty applications such as drilling into bricks or rocks.

Shank Types

The term Shank refers to the socket on your drill that connects to the bit. Without the compatible shank type, you won’t be able to connect your drill bit to your drill.

A hex-type shank allows you to rapidly change drill bits without any clips or latches hindering your process. If you have a hammer or impact drill, you should check the drill bits and see if they have a hex shank. You can identify them by the 1/4 inches length and a hexagonal shape on the bottom.

Flute Designs

Flute refers to the spiral design on the bit that enables the drill to drill through concrete easily. You can consider them as screws in a sense because they employ the same rotational force to push through. However, there are different types of flute designs according to each purpose.

L-type flutes are the standard model, and you can use them for any material in general. If you don’t want to leave any dust behind, you should get the ones with a U-type double flute design.
In terms of stability, the four flute design is the best because it can adjust without external factors. We have published an article on porcelain tile drill bit last week. You can check that out.

How To Drill Into Concrete the DIY way

Frequently Asked Questions

What is concrete made of?

Concrete is a mixture of several ingredients that consist of cement paste, coarse aggregates, and broken brick rocks. The cement helps the aggregates stay together while the rocks increase the durability of the overall mixture.

Can I use Steel bits on concrete?

You can use steel bits on concrete, but only on low settings. If the speed is too high, the bits may break or bend under heavy loads. Steel bits are more geared towards metalworks like sheet metal.

How do I identify shank types?

Identifying shank types is an easy job since all you need to do is look on the bottom for the shape. If it is a hexagonal shape, you have a hex shank, but if it has a square shape, then you have an SDS shank.

What is a Hammer Drill?

Hammer drills are power tools that you can use to effectively punch a hole through hard materials like concrete and brick. They are essential in big construction projects like buildings and skyscrapers.

Final Words

Concrete is a tough material, and regular drilling bits cannot help you drill through it cleanly. This reason is why you need durable bits. Hopefully, our detail-oriented review guide consisting of five of the best drill bit for concrete will help you choose one for your concrete project.

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